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Title Notification of information changes due to site renewal
Posted by BJDCROBI (ip:)
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  • Date 2021-06-18
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Greetings from BJDCROBI.

<Notification of information changes due to site renewal>

1) Registration due to the change of some members' information (ID) in the site renewal.

- If your ID contains English uppercase letters -> Registered by changing uppercase letters to lowercase letters

- If your ID contains special characters or symbols -> Registered by deleting special characters and symbols

- If the ID is preceded by a number -> Registered by adding letter 'a' before the number

*Please contact Q&A for additional inquiries, we will respond you right away.

2) Password change (*change of all members)

All customers' passwords changed to (new)ID + 4 digits in the back of your phone number.

Please understand that even if you change your password now, it cannot be reflected on the renewal site.

You can proceed the password modification on the renewal site.

3) Customers who cannot transfer existing member information

There is some information cannot be registered when working on the renewal site.

- The ID is less than 4 characters and over 16 characters

- ID that includes languages except English

- ID only with a special symbols

- ID without phone number

- Email address that contains special characters and spaces except 'hyphen(-)' and '@'

*Please contact Q&A for additional inquiries, we will respond you right away.

4) Membership Points

About the membership points, that customer's information has not been registered due to the renewal process,

if you re-subscribe from the renewal site and ask Q&A with your new and existing membership information, we will check the past information. 

Existing points can be accumulated on your new membership information.

The case above are the customers who cannot register on the renewal site. Please re-subscribe to the new renewal site.

We have all of the historical data that has not been transferred to the renewal site, and we will respond quickly if you contact us on the Q&A board.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the renewal.

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