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Haz Ver.Silence
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          Item : Haz Silence Limited

Skin : Normal Skin

Head size : 9-10 inch

Eye Size : 16~18 mm

Body : Crobidoll M-Line Boy Body

Body Size :

Tall(Including head): 66~66.5 cm
Width of shoulders: 14.5 cm
Circumference of chest: 27 cm
Circumference of neck: 10.5 cm
Length of arm(from shoulder to wrist): 21.5 cm
Length of leg(from hips to ankle): 36 cm
Circumference of waist: 20.5 cm
Circumference of hips: 26 cm
Length of foot: 8.5 cm

Make up :

Default  Wig : CRWL-19 (Milky Blond)

Defaul Eyes : Glass Eyes

Default Outfit : Jacket, Napoleon T-shirt, Leggings, Cap

Default Shoes : Original Shoes

Including items: Haz Head+ Crobidoll M-Line Boy Body , Default box, two blankets, certificate, doll's eyes, clothes, wig, a pair of shoes, special makeup service

* sold out

* Order place : Crobidoll Showroom , Dolk Showroom

* We don't sell this item on website.

* This HAZ version isn't released till NOW.

* This is Special Limited clothes produced newly.

* We are releasing this special makeup by new artist.

* HAZ Ver. Silence will not be sold after this sale.

* It's including make up, clothes, wig, shoes as a full set doll.

* The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.

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