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2nd Nov., BJD CROBI will have 2 events
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2nd Nov., BJD CROBI will have 2 events  > 

1. 11-2=9

We will have BJD CROBI head separate sale event for a month as many customers' requests.
For 9th anniversary BJD CROBI's General Doll head will be on separate sale
This is BJDCROBI's first head separate sale, so we hope your many attentions and interests , please. :D

* Head separate sale will be only for R-Line / M-Line size's General Doll / Normal Skin .
* It will be produced after order/payment confirmed and it will take about 40 business days, please.
*It's only possile to select default makeup.
*Makeup option will take more time and we hope your understanding for this, please. :)

2. 1+1 & 2

If you order 2 wigs, 2 wigs will be offered so don't miss this amazing chance for a month, please!

*Offered wigs will be same size as you ordered but can't select color/design.
*Offered wigs are not possible for exchange/refund, please.
*Additional shipping fee for offered wigs, it will be free charged. :D
* for even number of quantities, same quantity of wigs will be offered.
  Ex) order: 3 of wigs - gift : 2 free wigs
        order: 4 of wigs - gift : 4 free wigs
* For event gift wigs will be offered randomly as the size but if you order in various sizes, it can not be just same size as you order. 
  EX) order : 2 of 9~10 inch size wig / 1 of 8inch size wig / 1 of 6~7 inch size wig - gift : 1 of 9~10inch size wig / 3 of 8inch size wig
        order : 4 of 8 /1 of 6~7 / 1 of 5~6 - gift : 5 of 8inch size wig /1of 5~6

Event time : 2017. 11. 2nd 00:00 AM (KST) ~ 2017. 11. 30th 11:59 PM (KST)


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    Please refer to our delivery notice about delivery of your doll on each dolls' notice, if you order a doll on our website. 

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